Report October 31, 2017

October 31 was Halloween and while no one was in costume, there were plenty of folks at the pantry.

37 families were served that day.  This is very close to the single day record for number of people served.  It also helped push October’s number of families served to exceed the October 2016 number served by twenty-five.

This is only the third month this year that the number served exceeded the previous year’s monthly total. We have been generously blessed in the weeks since the last report.  Alan Eickhoff presented the message at Sunday services for Church of the Advent on October 29.  Their response was an amazing additional financial donation. Additionally, they have increased the number of Christmas baskets they are preparing.

The Leadership Team agreed to not take any of the food raised in the Thanksgiving drive at St. John’s.  Traditionally these donations were shared between the Pantry at St. John’s and Grace Lutheran, Philadelphia.  This leap of faith has been rewarded as Endo Pharmaceutical of Horsham yet again increased the number of Thanksgiving baskets they are donating.  This is the third consecutive year that their donation has increased. Dr. Marc Shrager, chiropractor from Warminster, has offered to give twenty baskets to clients of the food pantry as part of his holiday collection drive.  His volunteers will deliver these items to the recipient’s home. Redeemer Lutheran in Jamison has completed a food drive that included not just 40 bags of donated items but also $285 in gift cards plus a number of turkeys purchased at BJ’s. Truly these combined efforts show the ministry of the pantry to be a community effort.

The pantry is in need of some things at this time.
A major need is drivers to pick up product at the Wilson Senior Center in Warminster.  This takes about 60-90 minutes around lunch time.  Volunteers serve the same day of the week for a month and then have at least a month’s “rest” before being rescheduled.  Mondays and Wednesdays are critical right now but we do pick up all five days of the week so any time you can help will be appreciated.  Contact Alan Eickhoff at 215-675-1298 to sign up or have questions answered.

We also need grocery store sized paper bags.  These are getting harder to come by as more stores move towards using plastic bags. We thank you all for your continued support.  This generous outpouring from around the community is one more dynamic of why we refer to this as a faith based ministry.