Report May 16, 2018

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Are you looking for something to do on a Monday or a Tuesday or a Wednesday?
Well, the Food Pantry is willing to help you with three interesting opportunities to serve.

Our Monday opportunity involves helping with the food shopping.  We do this at 9:00 am on alternate Mondays at the Aldi on County Line Rd in Warminster. Usually this takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete.  Being able to lift cases and have a van or a truck is a real plus for this task.

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Call Helen Brettle  at 1-267-934-4317 to join this crew.

Volunteering: Tuesdays
While we have had some volunteers for the Tuesday produce pick up in Bensalem, we still have some days available.  Arriving in Bensalem around 11:00 am, the box trucks are unloaded into a church parking lot and the available produce distributed based on how many pantries are present.  Returning to the pantry at St. John’s there are helpers to download and store the produce.  The weather pattern has delayed the start of this project until later in May or even June.

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Call Alan Eickhoff 1-215-675-1298 to join this crew.

Volunteering:  Wednesdays
The Wednesday opportunity is working in the pantry itself.  The morning shift starts around 10:15 am as the pantry opens for business at 10:30 am.  The morning shift ends and the afternoon shift starts at 12:30 pm.  The pantry closes at 2:30 pm and there is usually only a little clean up time as we are open on Thursdays.  Our need here is for someone who is physically able to lift items from the storage cabinets to restock the pantry shelves.  Of course, you are welcome to work both shifts and spend the day.

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Call Alan Eickhoff 1-215-675-1298 if you are interested in joining this team.

April was the first month in 2018 where pantry use increased.  We saw a rise from 225 in 2017 to serving 247 clients in 2018.  Of these 247, 15 were new to the pantry and one was a reactivation (more than a year since the last visit).  The earlier months of 2018 saw pantry use numbers down around the level of use in 2015.

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We have been blessed by a generous donation from PECO.  They found us listed on the internet and called to ask if they could make a donation.  Collecting from their employees, they were able to deliver a full size pick-up truck.  Better yet, this was only half of their collection as they also donated to a pantry in Delaware County.  We are very grateful to them.

May 12 was the annual Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive conducted by the National Association of Letter Carriers.  Voluntarily participating mail carriers collect and distribute food items to local pantries.  This year four Hatboro letter carriers delivered their collections to our pantry.  We received 26 mail carrier bins full of collected items.  We are indebted to them for this effort on a rainy Saturday.

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We thank you for your continued generous support and prayers for this vital ministry

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Alan Eickhoff 215-675-1298

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Our Resource Advisor has a steady number of clients on the first and second Thursdays of the month.  Her job is to connect clients to the appropriate agencies for help with issues relating to housing, employment, medical, etc.