Property Committee Report March 11, 2020

Present:  Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, CJ Hamilton, Dave Kroth, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods, Chris Zollo


The meeting began with Alan reporting on the meeting he had with Mike Gildein of Peters HVAC.  Those notes are reprinted below.

Reasons for concern:

  • Frequent heat disruption issues in the sanctuary
  • Communication issues between SJLC, Peters office, Peters techs


  • techs enter the building without knowing what issue caused SJLC to make the call (messages left at Peters not being shared)
  • techs do not touch base with the caller to identify the issue
  • techs do not share status following visit

From Mike:

  • already had a meeting with all 3 persons who answer phones/take messages; all institutions that involve schools to have the highest priority possible on a schedule rather than “waiting turn” on the schedule
  • techs to contact Alan to identify issues prompting a call
  • -echs to notify either SJLC or Peters office to notify SJLC/Alan if heat/air conditioning won’t be available
  • techs to leave update either with Alan, Kristi or in Property Committee mailbox if issue does not involve loss of heat/air conditioning

Things recently done by Peters:

  • $3500 parts installed per gold service contract
  • part ordered Friday 3/6 in order to have for Monday 3/9 rather than wait for ordering (parts no longer inventoried)
  • Mike personally visited SJLC twice on Saturday 3/7 and once on Sunday 3/8 to make sure the system was functioning
  • Peters to investigate thermostat issue of needing to have manual fan when using override
  • Peters to investigate units in the ceiling of narthex (What thermostat controls them? Do they need repair?  Can they be turned off


  • Alan continued to be main contact person between SJLC and Peters
  • direct contact with Mike either at office or at home should issue arise from either emergency or not meeting satisfaction
  • thermostat to be programmed for 1.5 hours ahead of need time

The Committee agreed that Peters needed to investigate the units in the ceiling of the narthex to not only find out how to control them but also to possibly make them operate more quietly.  Hopefully, this will take place before Holy Week evening services.

Pat reported that she sent an email to Stephanie Metheny indicating that space heaters were not to be used in PreK classrooms under any circumstances.


Ralph reported that ProCon had completed the infrared scan of the roof areas.

  • Patches were made on the roof over the narthex and the roof over classroom #4.
  • Additionally, a vent was found to have pulled away from the wall which caused the leak in the chapel area.

A diagram was provided which identified each of the flat roofs of the building.

  • Roof #4 was identified as being the largest and the current problem area.
    • Fixing the front half of roof #4 would result in having no guarantee for the work.
    • The price to do all of roof #4 would be $36,000 to $40,000.
  • The Committee agreed it made sense to do all of roof #4 and secure a guarantee for the work.

A discussion of what company and how recently roof #4 over the classrooms had been recoated did not produce any conclusions as no one could recall exactly when it had been done or by whom.  A check of the files might produce this information but it is unlikely to still have a warranty in effect.

Ralph was asked to get back to ProCon to investigate pricing options.

Projects Completed:

  • Chris Zollo restored the back parking lot lights.
    • Unfortunately only two are working and two seem to be burned out.
  • Ken and Alan installed a railing on the west side of the Fellowship Hall Ramp
  • Ralph, Ken and Lou DiEva removed the south wooden inside door to the sanctuary, planed it down and reinstalled it so that it would close
  • Ken reattached the arm on the hydraulic closer of the men’s room outside Fellowship Hall
  • Alan planted spring flowers in the pots outside the church entrance and in the Memorial Garden prior to the funeral service for Jean Kramer

Projects Planned:

  • Ken will hard wire the doorbell camera at the office entrance as it is consuming a large number of batteries
  • Work Day Planned for May to include painting the walls of the ramp area outside Fellowship Hall.
    • Also to be painted is the railing outside the office area.
    • Also planned is work on the southwest corner of the classroom wing (facing the parsonage) where the ground has eroded and exposed the cement slab
  • Pat and Alan meet with Mason Wynn and Trish Straus to discuss his Eagle Scout Project of painting the hallway outside PreK office, the adjacent stairwell walls and railings.
    • No color has yet been determined and not scheduling of it has yet to occur.
  • Reinstall closet door in Pastor’s study
    • (fix broken part first)
  • repair sagging outside light on the parsonage

Next meeting April 8, 2020 7:00 PM in the library