Property Committee Report June 10, 2020

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Present:  Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, CJ Hamilton, Dave Kroth, Bob Muller, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods

NOTE: Practicing social distancing and facilitating field trip; The meeting was held outdoors.


Congregational response to the campaign has been phenomenal.  The most recent offerings combined with Capital Improvement Account indicate we have about $30,000 of the $40,000 we need.  Most importantly, people are not “shifting” their giving from their regular donations to the general fund.  Pastor will be talking to Exec Committee about when to proceed with the project.  It is unlikely that we will need to proceed with the loan but Harry Betz is still willing to do the dunk tank fundraiser.

Transition Team:

Congregational Council formed a team of Cathy Evans, Bob Muller, Pastor Reimer and Trish Strauss to plan for the eventual return to holding services and meetings in the building.  Pat has already been in contact with Regan Cleaning about doing the deep cleaning necessary.  Aqua has told us that water lines must be cleared by multiple flushing or letting run for several minutes, especially water fountains.  Pastor noted that our past practice of having multiple groups use the same space in a single day is not going to be practical as cleaning after each group will be necessary.

Bob, Dave, and Pastor discussed the current practice of recording the service in parts and then assembling it versus recording it in its entirety for broadcast.  Also discussed was the potential to broadcast to Fellowship Hall for “overflow” from the sanctuary.    It was noted that a large portion of the congregation watch the service at 10 AM but there are many who watch at a time more convenient to them.

Sidewalk/Driveway Apron (field trip)

After several years of hearing nothing, our neighbor to the west of the parking lot has obtained a contractor to repair her sidewalk.  It is very likely that when Hatboro inspectors come out to look at her job that they will “flag” us for cracked blocks that are adjacent to her sidewalk.  Also, the driveway apron is cracked as is the part of the apron curbing.  Pat is going to contact the Harts to find out the name of the contractor and get a bid for our work needed.

Bell Tower

The bell tower on Fellowship Hall is showing extreme streaking.  Lesser signs of paint stress are on the painted wall under the window of the food pantry.  Pat has a service at her home for power washing and she will ask him to look at our problem.  The power washing would be in preparation for repainting.  Pastor is checking with the painter that we have used most recently to see if he does this kind of work.

Trash Collection

Pat received a communication from JP Mascaro about switching to their company for trash collection.  Currently, we have a dumpster for trash and wheeled containers for recycling materials.  The food pantry generates more cardboard than these containers can handle, and volunteers had been taking it home for disposal.  More recently H.A.T.Packs has been allowed to put cardboard in the recycle dumpster at Hatboro Baptist.  This may be a good time to at least review our needs as the flow of trash will be lessened in the absence of PreK.  Pat will continue to work on this.

Completed Projects:

  • Ken secured (again) the stop sign at Barbara Rd exit of the parking lot.  He used the same materials as the municipality’s use.
  • Ken and Bruce painted the hallway/ramp area outside Fellowship Hall
  • Ken painted the railing outside the office.
  • Ken replaced the outdoor lighting on the front of the parsonage and pastor adjusted it properly
  • Alan planted multiple trays of annuals in the gardens after weeding them
  • Pastor replaced the flags in the Memorial Garden and also arranged a flag display in front of the circular sign for Memorial Day observance
  • Ralph was present when Aqua completed the backflow
  • Alan contacted Gilcon landscaping to make sure church roof gutters were not clogged, mulch the flower beds and trim the very large bushes at the Memorial Garden benches

Future Projects: (more field trip)

  • CJ will clean out the yard waste debris in the corner of the parking lot near the dumpsters
  • Ken will remove the pre K sign at the corner of York and Crescent.  It will be replaced with a sign that indicates our service times as well as the actual street address.
  • Ken will make cosmetic repairs to the southwest corner of the building where the foundation wall has broken
  • CJ to remove materials in pews of the sanctuary and collect them
  • Alan to empty mailboxes in the narthex and collect items
  • Alan to contact Gilcon Landscaping to clean gutters at the parsonage

Things discussed for the future:

  • additional signage as recommended by Transition Team
  • removal of water cooler from the library