Property Committee Report April 10, 2019


Stephanie Bass, Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, Dave Kroth, Bob Muller, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods




3 contractors came out and inspected the issues; two submitted proposals in time for the meeting.  There was an examination of the overhead photo and a comparison chart that Ralph prepared.  After a unanimous vote, it was decided to work on roofs identified as #2 and #6.  Pat will take the proposal from ProCom Roofing to the Finance Committee for discussion.

Fire Marshall inspection

took place on 4/5.

  • Extinguisher tags needed updating and he will return in the near future to check that this has been accomplished.  Bob Muller had the new tags at the meeting.
  • The Fire Marshall suggested doors at the ramp outside Fellowship Hall rather than a gate as the committee has discussed on several previous occasions.


Field Trip

A field trip by the committee ensued.  Placing the gate at the bottom of the ramp with doors opening away from the ramp and towards Fellowship Hall appears to be the best solution.  The doors would not be of equal size to allow freer access in the area at the top of the steps and outside the food pantry storage area.

  • This will be a topic for next month’s meeting
  • As part of this field trip it was noted the need for “exit” signs to be posted in several places.
  • Also, attention needs to be directed to updating the door to the outside adjacent to the men’s room outside Fellowship Hall.

Additional Items

  • Broken window in the pre-K classroom to be replaced Thursday 4/18.  Alan will be on site.
  • Choir loft fan switch to be replaced by Bob Muller
  • Annual Aqua water backflow test due by 4/30.  Ralph to contact them.
  • The current office staff does not need the ceiling fan installed.
  • We have had one volunteer response to the request for help in securing the building.


  • Huge “thank you” to Walt and Floss Braithwaite for repairing and repainting the peeling paint in the corner of Fellowship Hall.
  • Sanctuary thermostat issue addressed by Peters HVAC
  • Pre-K bulletin boards installed
  • Hallway lights replaced with “daylight” bulbs and all fixtures cleaned
  • Ladies Room in classroom hallway has had all four faucets repaired, all four turn off valves loosened to be operable and the “j” pipe under one sink replaced by Bob Frisch
  • Washer hot water connection in parsonage repaired by Bob Frisch
  • Hot water heater in Fellowship Hall kitchen breaker tripped and was reset; water is 115 degrees
  • exterminator called and came out for Oriental cockroach issue in boiler room and Fellowship Hall.  Oriental cockroaches are attracted to moisture (not a food issue)
  • cove molding in Fellowship Hall glued


Future meeting topics:

  • boiler room wetness on east side wall (especially in storms); cover the grate outside?
  • generator- what exactly is on it?  Why do some lights come “on” during the weekly recharge on Fridays?

Next meeting Wednesday May 8 at 7 PM in the library