Property Committee Notes October 12, 2020

Present:  Pat Beadling, Alan Eickhoff, Dave Kroth, Bob Muller, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods

Tasks Accomplished:

  • Parking lot lines and handicapped logos repainted
  • Broken floor tiles at Fellowship Hall entrance replaced
  • Water system flushed per directive from Aqua
  • Gardens weeded and expired blossoms removed
  • Bushes trimmed
  • Railings at new entrance and parsonage painted
  • Leaking urinal investigated by plumber
  • Filters changed by Peters HVAC


Project completed but first major rain storm generated some leaks in sanctuary.  The leak was caused by cracks in the sanctuary wall above Roof 4, which was caulked by ProCom.   Bill for $39,669.00 was approved for payment by the committee.

Sanctuary sanitizing:

Some volunteers have been recruited but it is likely more are needed for cleaning between services on Sunday.  Cathy Evans was present to discuss the surface disinfecting procedure and locations needing it.  She also answered questions about and described the fogging that will take place.  She and her husband have experience doing this for several months in their building.  It was suggested that a checklist of locations needing disinfecting be prepared to make sure it is all done correctly.


No word from contractor; neighbors work has not been started either (contractor is her nephew).  Likely to be spring completion now that weather is changing.

Food Pantry and H.A.T.Packs

Both have relocated to their respective places.  Food Pantry is in the area previously known as the Large Education Room.  H.A.T.Packs has moved to Classroom #3 (last room on the right).  Food Pantry leadership is planning a meeting on 10/22 to evaluate layout and suggest changes in their room in anticipation of returning to the former pantry model of clients actually shopping for their groceries.

Pre-K items

Pastor reported that home schooling groups and families who had been contacted have taken what they can use.  A suggestion to offer an opportunity to the congregation was presented.

Pastor is planning to contact Green Drop to come and take what they find useable.  The remainder will be disposed of subsequently.


Kristy contacted Advanced Disposal our current trash removal service.   The bottom line is that going to alternate week pick up of trash and adding a 4 cubic yard recycle bin picked up on alternate weeks will be about the same monthly charge.  The bin was successfully relocated to the area designated so as to not occupy parking spaces.  The wheeled recycle bins have not been emptied in several weeks and that issue is being addressed.


We still need to repair 2 parking lot lights and the light on the ramp of Fellowship Hall.  Alan reported on the lack of response from the boro regarding the broken lens on the PECO light on the eastern side of the parking lot.  Pat will contact Hatboro Public Works.

Powell is coming out to service the generator at 8AM on 10/21 and Alan will be there for them.

Bell Tower:

Pat contacted the power wash guy but he no longer does commercial sites.  He did look at the stains and said that they were rust and would not power wash off anyway.  Likely a professional painter is required.  At the very least we need someone willing to go up on a ladder and see what is causing the rust marks.


The parsonage dishwasher failed in the interim between Property Committee meetings.  An email survey was taken of members and all agreed on the idea of replacement.  Pastor contacted Gerhard’s who sold and installed the new unit as well as removed the old unit.

Pat Beadling:

Pat announced her retirement from Property Committee after several years of serving as co-chair.  The committee members verbally offered their thanks and presented her with a signed card and a gift card.