Property Committee Meeting March 13, 2019

Stephanie Bass, Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, Dave Kroth, Bob Muller, Bruce Roper, Pastor Reimer, Ken Woods



  • Advanced Disposal still billing in excess of contracted amount; bill also includes taxes which we may not need to pay; Pat working to straighten it out
  • Stair treads in choir loft repaired by Ken
  • Pre-K has requested the installation of 2 bulletin boards, one in the office and the other in the hallway outside the large education area; Ken and Alan working on the completion
  • Lights in the hallway outside Fellowship Hall need replacement; are old fashioned circular florescent style; Ken and Alan working on a replacement
  • Choir loft fan switch needs replacing as may take multiple “flips” to change position; Bob to replace


  • ceiling fan in the bedroom needs inspection/possible replacement; Ken working with Pastor
  • Pat noticed a spike in water bill; washer hot water connection leaking; shut off for now; Pastor to contact Bob Frisch, a plumber


  • Sanctuary fan in the chapel area seems to be constantly “on”; noise being picked up by recording system that Bob is experimenting with for potential live feed of services
    • Field trip after meeting found that thermostat is constantly reading “occupied” which means system never stops calling for heat; Alan to contact Peters HVAC
    • UPDATE: Peters HVAC was out yesterday. The tech says it is working fine now. He noted the constant running fan and said it is not any kind of hazard just annoying. He said he would let them know when he got back to the shop so that someone will be out next week to look at it.
  • Carillon; Bob found rollers are dried out; note after committee meeting Kristy learned that original maker has been bought out and parts only available via the internet

Ongoing projects

  • Office ceiling fan to be installed by Chris; fan has been donated
  • Building security issues to be addressed at April Church Council meeting (Dave Kroth finding faucets left “on” Friday nights)
  • PreK bathroom stalls; have not heard from Chris’ friend who inspected areas


  • Ralph has had 3 contractors (Valts, Kaller, Pro-Con) out to inspect the various flat roofs.  The good news is that all agree that repairs are in order rather than a replacement.  No written estimates received as yet.  Ralph forwarding estimates to Pat who will circulate among committee members for an online discussion/decision.

Immediate Need!

Building Security/Closers needed for Mondays and Fridays. Job entails coming after 9 PM to check all doors and windows secured; lavatories have no water running; thermostats are turned down; kitchens are secure.

  • Pastor to write up the job description to be circulated seeking volunteers