Property Committee Meeting January 8, 2020

Present:  Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, Dave Kroth, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper

  • The evening began with the taking down of the large Christmas tree and the garlands.
  • Ken Woods had already packed up the two smaller trees.
  • Youth Group will be asked to return the bags and bins down to the storage area.

Parking Lot

  • Pat shared a flyer to be distributed to cars that park in our parking lot either in the daytime or overnight.
    • It notes that the lot is private property and asks for vehicles to be removed for snow clearing purposes.
    • It also asks for owner identity information should it be necessary to make contact.
    • The form was unanimously approved.
  • It was noted that the lot had black ice the morning of 1/8 and a pre K parent did fall.
    • Alan is to contact Chris Gildein to remind him of the need to salt the lot on these occasions.
    • Buckets of salt have been placed inside entrances for spot salting as necessary
  • Chris Zollo addressed electrical issues and lights in the circle driveway were restored. 
    • The back parking lot is still dark except for the single light on the PECO pole. 
    • It was decided to make electrical issues the major agenda item for the February meeting.
  • Timer for the outside lights at the new entrance and the pre-K office entrance was reset by Alan


  • Routine filter changes performed by Peters HVAC as part of the maintenance contract
  • It was noted that several bulbs in the perimeter circle of the dome were burned out.
  • Bruce and Dave were to investigate and possibly replace tubes following the meeting.


  • Routine filter change to be performed by Peters HVAC


  • Small “post” installed on the York Rd/Crescent Rd corner for Aqua’s use.
  • Pat had contacted them for assurance that there was no liability for St. John’s.


  • Earlier bid for the next phase of roof work was reviewed.
    • The bid for approximately $26,000 covered roofs #1, 3, 4, and part of 7 as they are all the same composition.
    • Following discussion, the committee decided that Ralph would contact ProCon Roofing and see if it could be divided over two years to make the project less of a financial burden.

Phone Service

  • Verizon is eliminating cooper wire service to all properties in the area.
    • We have phone service on two opposite ends of the building.
    • Wil Fritz will be asked to work with Verizon regarding this issue.
    • Dave Kroth and Bob Muller will work on the issue of updating our fire alarm system and tying it into the generator for back up purposes.

Fellowship Hall Ramp

  • Pat noted that she had observed someone having extreme difficulty navigating the ramp and noted the need for handrails.
  • Pat will contact William Henry Ornamental Iron to get an estimate for adding handrails.

Eagle Scout Project

  • Mason Wynn is proposing an Eagle Scout project that would involve painting the trim areas on the various stairwells as well as redoing the wall in the stairwell at the pre-K office area.
  • He will be invited to attend the March Property Committee meeting to review the needs and scope of the project.

NOTE: Next Property Committee meeting is 2/12 at 7 pm in the library