Property Committee Meeting February 12, 2020

Present:  Pat Beadling, Alan Eickhoff, Dave Kroth, Bob Muller, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods, Chris Zollo


  • Ralph contacted ProCom about dividing up the project with the anticipated cost of about $26,000
    • (recoating of roofs 1,3,4 and part of 7)
  • ProCom found water beneath layers of roof; Committee authorized spending $750 to survey the damage and get an estimate of repair costs; it needs to stop raining for this to be done


  • Issues identified with back parking lot standards on the east side not lighting; light in hallway with ramp outside Fellowship Hall having no power at the switch; some bulbs burned out in the top of the sanctuary (around the perimeter),  front of church (sign and brick wall) not lighting
  • Chris Zollo explained that the breaker is off for the front area as a ballast issue keeps making it trip.  Wiring on the switch In the hallway was checked during the field trip.  He will be looking into all issues.

Sanctuary Door

  • Door on south side does not close fully.
    • Ken contacting Lou DiEva and Ralph Carey to help remove the door and use a planer to trim the top where it is rubbing

UPDATE: Unauthorized cars in parking lot

  • We have successfully tagged four cars and the owner of 2 of them has responded

Parking lot lines

  • Dave to investigate cost of renting machine as well as cost of paint to restripe the parking lot.
  • The space closest to Fellowship Hall currently designated “Handicapped” will be relabeled for “loading area” to allow more access to the entrance.


  • Pat Beadling, Harry Betz, Wil Fritz have met to work on application for PA grant of up to $25,000 that does not involve matching funds; a letter of support from Rep. Murt has been received


  • Ken has been working on repairing and repainting areas of the popcorn ceiling in the sanctuary.  This is very difficult to match.

Eagle Scout Project

  • Mason Wynn has been invited to the March meeting.
    • Committee took a field trip to the stairwells at both ends of the lower area meeting room.
    • The stairwell outside the boiler room deemed too difficult.
    • Stairwell outside PreK area requires handrail painting, steps to be painted, effervescence on wall to be removed and wall to be sealed and painted.


  • Bob Frisch Plumbing removed/repaired/rehung the urinal in the men’s room near the music room as the drain was leaking.  Toilet in the office area also repaired

PA System

  • The dials in the audio control box are reset per a sound engineer and no longer need to have the white lines aligned.
  • Microphone frequencies are being adjusted to make the system functional to some degree.


  • Thermostat in sanctuary seems to have some difficulty with fan setting in both scheduled mode and override mode.  Alan to contact Peters HVAC

Next Property Committee Meeting March 11 at 7 PM in the Library