Property Committee Meeting August 12, 2020

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Present:  Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, Dave Kroth, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods


  • Roof start has been somewhat delayed given the weather pattern.  Not a good idea to start a roof tear off when rain is forecast.
    • Hopefully, Tuesday 8/18 will be the start date.
  • Isaias did not generate any new roof leaks.
    • However, water backed up against the outside doors next to the men’s room outside Fellowship Hall and Pastor and Courtney had to place towels on the inside to curb the flow coming inside.
    • They also opened up the drains in the courtyard and in the outside stairwell by the playground.
  • Sidewalk repairs are on hold
    • The contractor has not given Pat a proper estimate with his contractor’s license number.
    • He also has not yet started the neighbor next door (who is his aunt).
  • New sign for York Rd and Crescent Rd is ready and is in the narthex but the posts need to be replaced.
    • Ken will replace the posts, cover them in vinyl and then cap them before mounting the sign.
    • Ken says it will be good for 50 years.
  • Pre-K items are slowly being liquidated.
    • Room #4 is a furniture storage area.
    • Room #2 has all the classroom materials and bikes.
    • Pastor saved items likely to be of use to St. John’s Sunday School program such as the music-making items.
  • HATPacks will be using Room #3 for their breakfast/lunch program.
    • The room will be for both storage and assembly of packs.
    • Pat will contact Kevin to have the floors in this room done prior to any moving in of equipment.
  • CJ removed one set of blinds from the windows of Room #4.
    • Pat showed some samples of possible window applications.
    • Given that it will be sometime in the future before the room is needed the application of tinting was postponed.
    • However, it was decided to use a material that reflected the sun rather than something that might just be decorative and window blocking.
  • Task Force does not have any requests of the Property Committee at this time.
    • Pastor shared possible plans for special events and bringing the congregation safely back into the building.
  • The need for a dumpster for recycle items has been duly noted.
    • Previously pantry volunteers took the material home for recycling.
    • Currently, the pantry is using the recycle dumpster at Hatboro Baptist.
    • Pastor volunteered Kristy to contact them to see if the locked dumpsters that they use have resulted in people simply leaving their illegal trash in the parking lot.
    • Kristy will also contact our current waste hauler to get figures on cost for a recycle dumpster as well as having lockable dumpsters.  Also, she will ask about collection on alternate weeks.
  • Alan reached out to Chris Zollo about electrical issues.
    • Specifically, the two burned out lights in the parking lot and the nonfunctioning light on the ramp outside Fellowship Hall.
    • Hopefully, Chris will be able to work on the outside lights in the next month.
  • Pat will contact Powell Electric to service the generator
  • Ken has completed phase 1 of repairs to the southeast corner of the education wing where the foundation has broken.  He calculates it to be a four-phase project.
  • CJ and Alan cleaned up the playground area of weeds and vegetation.
    • CJ removed debris from the corner of the parking lot near the dumpster.
    • Alan cleaned up debris and weeds and did some planting in the courtyard.
    • The Linns have agreed to return to maintaining the area now that pre-K staff won’t be doing it.
  • Pat will contact Aqua Stream to get a power wash of the old building steeple.
    • We will ask their professional opinion of the potential to remove the stains as well as an idea of what may be causing them.
    • It may require the repainting of the steeple.

New issue:

Pastor noted that the family’s new cats have found a ready supply of mice.  He noted that there is a gap at the back steps of the parsonage and the foundation wall.  Ken will look at it while he does phase 2 on the wall of the education wing.

Next meeting September 9/9/20 at 7PM