Property Committee May 13, 2020

Information Sharing


It was discussed at council and approved.  Obviously funding is a major concern. As soon as that is resolved we can contact Pro-Com to get started. Council agreed to do fundraising, and you may have seen Harry Betz’s presentation in this week’s service. Pat did clarify with Harry that roof #4 does not include the large group room or the Sunday School office, since they were done in the renovation.


Ken Woods fixed the stop sign and one-way sign in the back driveway and painted the railings outside the office.

  • Ralph contacted Aqua and they will be out to do the backflow test.


Air Conditioners

Peters has been in and serviced the units. At no charge, they disinfected the coils on the units on all of the units.   Normally there is a charge of $25 per unit for this service.  Boiler repairs have also been completed under the service agreement.

Pat has a service agreement renewal notice from Peters for the air conditioning units in the building. It is $1,350.00 and similar to the price from last year.  Lacking any objections the contract was approved.