Property Committee June 12, 2019

Present:  Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods

Completed Projects:

  • new entrance stairs anti-slip treads installed by Ken
  • janitorial sink faucets in pre-K area replaced by Frisch Plumbing
  • bushes in front of church trimmed by Ken
  • roof project completed; bill to be received; discussed budgeting next year for repairs to roof #4 (estimated at $26,000)

Ongoing Projects

  • electrical needs were listed as music room, light above ramp outside Fellowship Hall, outside stairwell floodlight, front sign; Alan to contact Chris Zollo
  • sidewalk repairs outside of boiler room area
  • Blocks are tilted towards the building and causing water to weaken the wall of the boiler room.  Two bids received by Pat.  Bid from PCM accepted to remove and replace blocks as well as the broken walls of the sump on York Rd. $3,750.  Pat will secure the permit
  • adjacent grate needs replacing;  appears to have had hinges welded in place; need a small grid to keep debris from falling into pit; looking for contractor
  • towel dispensers; Pat contacted by a potential paper product supplier; committee noted the extra expense of C fold towels which are used in most of our dispensers.  Recent order of replacement towels just received.  Count of actual dispensers used- Alan; contact pre K to see if using other than C fold is a problem-Pastor; office to be notified not to make any new orders until decision is made-Pastor
  • sanctuary fan seems to be still running constantly; possible that thermostat has stopped working properly; Alan to contact Peters
  • painting of light fixtures and fixing of water damage with repainting-Ken
  • downstairs room humidifier drain line plugged and leaked on floor- Ralph to check and clean line
  • Sacristry area has effervescence (scale) on walls; Pat or Ken to scrape and vacuum; watch area to see if reappears or is result from previous hot water unit failure
  • Food Pantry freezer storage area is still retaining too much heat; current exhaust fans not adequate; Alan contacted Peters to seek solution
  • Music Room renovation- organ to be removed by Bob Muller; once new electrical outlets in the computer issue will be resolved; plan is to complete process this summer

Field Trips

  • sacristry area to examine effervescence
  • chancel area ceiling above wall behind pulpit has water damage; investigated outside area; Ken to remove crumbling ceiling

Other items of note:

  • Have a volunteer (Pat Herbert) for lock up of building; Courtney Reimer will train her
  • Exec committee recommending painting of Fellowship Hall; Pastor to contact the painter used to paint fence in Memorial Garden and paint the office area for bid; upright piano to find a new home
  • no bills from landscaper as yet; Alan to contact Chris Gildein and ask for bills to avoid budget crunch at end of year

No meeting planned for July

Next meeting August 14