Property Committee July 8, 2020

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Present:  Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, CJ Hamilton, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods

Next meeting August 12, 2020 at 7 PM

Completed Tasks:

  • Parking lot debris near dumpster removed – CJ
  • Flower beds weeded; playground weeds sprayed – Alan
  • Flower beds mulched by Gilcon Landscaping (mulch donated by Sharon and Mike Gildein)
  • PreK sign at York Rd and Crescent Rd removed- Ken
  • Narthex mailboxes cleaned out- Alan

Updates and news

  • Roof
  • Procom got signed proposal; no start date yet; Ralph to contact
  • Cement Work (parking lot ramp and adjacent sidewalk blocks that are broken plus curbing)
  • Pat has secured estimates from Swan and Dreamcrete; estimate from neighbor’s contractor not yet received (also need the boro contractor license number) Pat to continue to follow up by contacting neighbor to see if she has a start date


  • Pat passed around and the committee approved design for replacement sign at York and Crescent Rds
  • Transition Task Force
  • No requests at this time for Property Committee to do anything


  • 3 lights in the parking lot are not operating; hallway light outside Fellowship Hall not working.  Alan will contact Chris Zollo.  We may need to hire an electrician.  Want to have sanctuary lights around ceiling that are currently not working repaired by Christmas

Fellowship Hall cleaning

  • Blood Drive on 7/17 requires HATPacks to remove all materials.  The room will be empty and not needed by HATPacks until the following Wednesday.  Pat to contact Regan Cleaning to see if they plan to wax floors this year and if so set Fellowship Hall for this time frame.

Field Trip to east side classroom

  • Pat noted blinds are dirty and never look good from hallway when set at different heights.  Pat will investigate 3M products to apply to windows to reduce heat from morning sunshine and retain heat in winter.  CJ started removal of blinds
  • North wall has a rectangular spot where a bulletin board was hot glued to the wall.   Subsequent painting of the wall went around it and now that it is removed it is a different color.  Stealth Maintenance will cover the rectangle with whiteboard.
  • Wall at north end under the windows has effervescence that needs scrapping and touch up painting.
  • Courtyard

Clean up of courtyard area to be done by Alan


Vegetation near kitchen windows around air conditioning equipment to be removed by CJ

Next meeting August 12, 2020 at 7 PM