Property Committee for May 8, 2019


Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, Bob Muller, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods

Finished Tasks:

  • Broken window in pre-K classroom replaced
  • Aqua backflow test complete
  • Office bulletin boards installed
  • Thanks to Walt Braithwaite for disassembling and cleaning upstairs kitchen windows
  • Thanks to Bob Pfaff for volunteering to be substitute building security person; Ralph to provide training

Ongoing projects:

  • light on the ramp outside Fellowship Hall has no power going into the box.  Hard to fathom as it was working when the replacement bulb was installed.  Chris Zollo to investigate


  • The contractor is understandably behind schedule due to the weather.  We are 3rd in line at the present time.  Given a break in the weather, it will take 2-3 days to complete the job


  • Powell Electric will soon service it  Pat will ask them to check why emergency lights come on each Friday at 2:45 PM during the weekly test

Music Room renovation

  • Non-functioning organ to be removed-Bob Muller
  • Bob is working with Michael on where shelving is to go and will let Chris Zollo where new electric outlets are needed; also some computer wiring to be moved by Karl Schenfelt
  • All of this to be after Music Sunday


  • Courtney has picked a color to paint the bathroom; Lou DiEva will work with Pastor to install the new vanity and faucet (purchased and currently in the garage)


The small room on the southeast corner of the boiler room has water damage and water is still coming in and running down the wall.  This is actually to the south of the outside grate in the sidewalk.  However, the grate needs to be lifted, the debris cleaned and the screen reinstalled.  First, some penetrating oil needs to be applied to the hinges and around the perimeter.

The sidewalks in front of the grate and on the landing above the grate (at the door leading into the building) are both sloped towards the building rather than away from it.  Alan will get estimates from cement contractors for block replacement.

  • The goal is to not “mess” with the steps and landing other than in front of the door.
  • Also, there is a drain discharge from our building that empties into York Rd.  The metal plate above this is no longer secure and the back wall of this sump has deteriorated so that a significant hazard has been created.  Cement contractors to bid on this job as well.
  • Further, it appears that water runs over the gutter that is above the grate.  Most likely the gutter is adequate for the flow of water on that roof.

Pending Project

The fast-growing Burning Bushes to the east of the Memorial Garden need trimming yet again.  Bruce and Ken will tackle trimming them and perhaps get the help of Chris Gildein, our landscaper.

Next Property Committee meeting is June 12 in the Library at 7 PM