October 10, 2018

Property Committee

Present:  Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods, Chris Zollo

Fellowship Hall Windows

Playground side installed; York Rd side due to be started Friday 10/12/18.  Pat and Ralph to monitor progress


Paper Collection bin has finally been removed; Michelle will contact trash collection company to have trash dumpster moved closer to the corner and we will gain at least one parking space

Pre-K Window security film

Response from sample film previously installed was positive but the staff would like some of each type so that some windows allow for students to observe the outside.  Alan to contact Stephanie to learn exactly which windows receive what treatment

Electrical Work

Chris Zollo working to install ceiling fan in office area, replace ballasts in outside lights in area outside main entrance, sign and outside Fellowship Hall (breaker for this circuit keeps tripping), add two electrical outlets to Christian Ed office.  Fellowship Hall lighting to be investigated as numerous sets not working currently

Fellowship Hall Lavatories and entrance hall area

Cleaning and painting project planned for Saturdays 11/3 and 11/17.  Alan to check with Sue Cern to see if ladies room toilet has been replaced recently


Power washing the exterior to be done; vanity selected and being installed by Lou DiEva


  • Altar candle mounts need tightening-Ken
  • Toilet tissue dispenser in Fellowship Hall men’s room needs relocating prior to painting-Ken
  • Office rug remnant in assistant pastor’s closet to be moved-Alan
  • Partial rolls of paper table covers to be trashed as now use individual table covers-Alan

Handicapped Entrance  (field trip to the narthex)

Mary and Tom Bachman came to the meeting to present a bid from another contractor.  The memorial for Ken will pay for installation of automatic openers on the front doors.

Mary reviewed the bid from Liberty Door Systems (they provided the system for Doylestown Hospital) for $3,969.27.  This would have 3 paddles (one on each inside side of the doors and one mounted on the end of the railing outside; operated wirelessly and powered by AAA batteries).  As presented, it appears that a box would hang down from the ceiling about 5” containing the opening mechanism.  Power would run across the ceiling to the light switches on the wall.  Mary will contact the company to get a visual of exactly how the system would appear in our setting.

This bid is lower than the previous 2 bids received.  All of the bids received require St. John’s to do the electrical work as an additional item.