November 14, 2018

Present:  Stephanie Bass, Ralph Carey, Alan Eickhoff, Bruce Roper, Ken Woods

  • Painting 11/17 Ken and Bruce will be painting; Pat will supply edible goodies; painting trim work and register vents in Fellowship Hall lavatories
  • Fellowship Hall windows; Tom Adams to make repairs on decorative sash in Fellowship Hall 12/4; Alan to be present
  • Fellowship Hall windows York Rd side; Ralph to make a tool to reach the slide in order to operate the blinds
  • Electrical work; thank you Chris Zollo for all the recent electrical work both inside and outside


Executive Committee asked Pat Beadling to speak with Peters HVAC and Kevin of cleaning service about attempting to reduce costs; Kevin noted he has not raised prices in 11 years; Peters recently donated all the labor for the boiler replacement; no changes made

Food Pantry Freezer room

Ralph to meet with contractor to replace exhaust fan with more powerful unit; summer time temperature in room reached upper 80s as unit could not keep room adequately cooled for operation of 2 freezers and a refrigerator

Snow Plowing

Chris Gildein of Gilcon contacted Alan about snow plowing; committee agreed no changes needed in contract; Chris to use his discretion in plowing and salting; awareness of pre K days and Food Pantry days emphasized

Roof leak

recent rains prduced a roof leak in the pre K classroom that looks out on the atrium; Chris Gildein contacted to go up on roof and clean out drains before next storm (snow storm)

Handicapped Entrance

  • estimate from Liberty Door including the electrical needs is $4,708.77; current balance in Bachman Memorial fund is $1,740.

Mary and Tom Bachman joined the meeting at 7:30; Mary presented an extremely detailed procedure for how she will secure the funds; fund procurement process will take about a month; Bachman family hopes to have work completed for Christmas.

Pat Beadling is to contact Scott Gilligan of Liberty Door and indicate that project is approved; money will be forthcoming and target for completion is between mid-December and Christmas Eve.  Bachman family and committee agreed that funds need to be in hand prior to start of work.  No funds from St. John’s to be used in completing this project.

Field Trip:

  • Fellowship Hall lavatories- soap dispenser from men’s room found in boiler room; will be remounted lower for handicapped access; also one in ladies’ room to be mounted in lower position.
  • Each lavatory needs a door stop to keep doors from damaging walls; Ken Woods to secure

Rear entrance

  • Former outside doors now inside doors were examined per request from Executive Committee.  While inside of doors may need a cleaning, the committee agreed that this is no need to replace the doors despite them being old.  Also, committee decided not to spend any funds replacing glass due to the small crack in the lower corner of one door given the age of the doors.  Possible that cleaning and painting inside side will improve appearance.  Outside side has already been painted.