January 9, 2019

Present:  Pat Beadling, Alan Eickhoff, Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper, Chris Zollo


Field trip #1

  • Moved Christmas tree bags from sanctuary to storage area downstairs

Pending funding, the evening was spent brainstorming the potential projects to be addressed in 2019.

  • Roof over classrooms needs re-coating;
    • leak in roof over choir room side of narthex
    • all roof issues deferred until Ralph Carey is able to address them in spring
  • Hallways have tiles that are missing both on floor and along wall.
  • Discussing what to do about floor led to a discussion of the poor lighting in the hallways
  • Discussing the poor lighting led to a discussion of the popcorn ceiling being replaced
  • Ken Woods is to get estimates on potential for carpeting hallways (classrooms, hall from back entrance, down ramp to Fellowship Hall, down hall to narthex.
    • Removal of the wall tiles versus covering them over to be investigated.
  • Chris Zollo to investigate ceiling and lighting costs

Bathroom Discussion

  • Ladies room outside pre K office needs a replacement door
  • Men’s room in classroom hallway needs new partition and new facet set
  • Ladies room in classroom hallway needs new facet set
  • Painting rooms to be considered
  • Will we be required to make them ADA compliant?
    • Need to investigate

Fellowship Hall ramp area

  • Paint a hall walls neutral gray color?
  • Install security gate at bottom of ramp?
    • Should we instead have a timer on the door that leads to the down stairs area?
  • Bid for security gate showed a gate that could be easy to circumvent by sliding beneath.


  • Downstairs large group room dividers to be removed and discarded
  • Folding door on Chapel area to be replaced?
  • Pat to contact company that installed the handicapped entrance mechanism

Field trip #2

  • Chris Zollo contacted a friend who is a carpenter and he come out immediately to review the popcorn ceiling areas as well as the lavatory areas


We need to have estimates to formulate a plan of action for 2019 projects.

Next meeting:

February 13, 2019 7:00 PM in Fellowship Hall