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Worship At Home



Prepare your worship space, light your candles, make sure everyone is gathered, comfortable, and distraction free to being worship (turn off all the screens). Designate a leader to read the worship parts or take turns, but it is best to decide who will read what before you begin.

Click on the image below to watch this weeks service.


We gather in the name of the Father, Son, and + Holy Spirit
(make the sign of the cross in the air or on yourself as this is said)


Make sure you and anyone else you are with, can gather comfortable in the space you set aside for worship. You can gather around a table, pile on the couch, or gather in a circle on the floor. The place you set aside is less important then the act of setting aside a space for your time of worship. You may want to consider placing candles, lighting incense, using brighter or dimmer lighting, or any other special touches to help set apart your time and space for worship.