Highlights of 2018 Congregation Council Meetings


  • 2018 Budget was discussed and motion carried to accept as presented
  • Sponsorship of the Hatboro Little League was discussed and motion carried
  • Enhanced Church security and emergency action plan committee discussed
  • Council nominees for 2018 discussed


  • Congregational Representatives for Synod Assembly were approved and motion carried
  • Easter Dedications were discussed for Pastor’s Discretionary fund and The Breathing Room and motion carried.
  • Pre-K pre-pay-in-full discount approved and motion carried
  • Drive-Thru ashes were again distributed, marking the beginning of Lent


Meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather


  • Discussed the change of summer Worship Services to one worship service at 10:00 from Sunday 6/17/18 through Sunday 8/19/18 and motion carried
  • Two fund raisers to send Youth Group members to the National Convention were discussed and approved
  • The combination of specific restricted music purpose assets being combined into one restricted asset account was discussed and approved
  • The minutes of the 2018 Annual Congregational meeting were handed out and approved


  • Council members met with Committee heads to brainstorm and discuss methods to address the strategic vision of the church
  • Confirmands were approved
  • A building use request was presented and approved


  • The removal of the website responsibility from the church office was discussed and approved and a motion was presented to form a publicity task force was also approved
  • Pastor Reimer was facilitating communication assistant training
  • Motion for building use to allow Boy Scouts to meet in St John’s as well as to hold the Brad Fox Memorial Concert in St John’s were both approved
  • Youth-For-Youth, a Christian Education sub-committee, was presented and approved


  • Harry Betz addressed Council with an update on Tithe.ly, the new on-line giving system with plan to explain the new program to the congregation in September
  • It was discussed that the renovation project may have to be reorganized into smaller, more financially manageable sized phases
  • New Finance Director, Joycelynn Canselo, was introduced, replacing Roseann Winans and motion was approved
  • New Property Insurance policy was handed out and discussed, with switch scheduled to be effective 9/1/18, motion was approved
  • Communications Presentation was given by David Kroth with handout and review of needed steps to develop our communication strategy
  • Pastor Reimer presented and explained new Visitor Table in the narthex, motion was approved
  • Fund raisers for the Pre-K program were discussed and approved


  • Motion to again open St John’s doors for the Hatboro Thanksgiving Day parade and handout hot dogs and water was approved
  • Security procedures for locking and unlocking doors was discussed and approved
  • Motions were all approved for VBS/BCC offering to donate to Brad Fox and Bucks for Kids, Youth-For-Youth fund raisers, and to renew bi-yearly piano tuning contract


  • An update of Tithe.ly was given and an additional domain name and added SSL were approved
  • Pastor Reimer gave updates on Child Protection Policy as suggested by our insurance company, as well as approval to sign up for Safe Schools program


  • Current office administration was discussed and approved
  • Motion was approved for the hiring of new Office Administrator, Kristy Schmidt
  • St John’s social media presence was discussed


  • A motion was approved to increase Pre-K tuition by $5/month
  • Discussion was held concerning fund raising for specific items and what is or is not allowed within the bylaws
  • Technology and live streaming was discussed, as well as the necessary equipment and the people and time needed

Respectfully Submitted,

Bruce Roper

Church Council Secretary