Food Pantry Report October 16, 2019

Typical of most years, the month of September sees fewer numbers of clients than the month of August. 

It seems that getting ready for school causes tighter budgets resulting in increased use in August versus being in school during September.  Only 4 fewer client families this year compared to last year.  Our weekly average for the month was 61.  This is very typical for us.

Fresh produce is moving towards apples and potatoes as we no longer receive corn and tomatoes.  Some eggplant is still available.  From our frozen meat source, we have an abundance of prosciutto and welcome novel ways to employ this as many of our clients are unfamiliar with it.

Our donation stream has a few changes.

We are adding ketchup back to the request list.  Though this is a very popular item, we have experienced a significant increase in price and feel that we can no longer afford to buy it.  As we enter the colder months we are also asking for soup.  While we regularly purchase both tomato and chicken noodle, other varieties as well as Chunky and Progresso styles would help us add variety to our offering.

As always we thank everyone for the prayers and the donations that support this ministry.


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