Food Pantry Report June 19, 2019

The trend of increased use of the pantry registered only slightly in the month of May.  Three additional families used the pantry in May 2019 versus May 2018.  However, for 2019 the downward trend of use of the pantry recorded in 2017 and 2018 remains in reverse.  We set yet another spending record by purchasing $1,540.00 of food in a single shopping trip.  This covers a two-week span of time.

The highlight of the month came on Friday, May 10 at the 3rd Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.  Sponsored again this year by Shragher Chiropractic 47 volunteers enjoyed a meal and time together.  Many times volunteers, especially drivers, do not have a chance to see other volunteers.  It is a great time of fellowship.

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Floss and Walt Braithwaite, Linda Eickhoff, Don Fisher, Kathy Morris and Cathy Williams for assisting in this gala event.

We are still searching for a volunteer or two to cover the pick-up of fresh produce in Bensalem on “odd” (first, third, fifth) Tuesdays of the month.  No start date has been given yet but it probably is starting later in June and lasting until October.  Distribution takes place around 11:30 AM.  Please call Alan (215-675-1298) if you are able to help.

The need for personal care items such as bar soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, deodorant, as well as laundry and dish soaps remains steady.

 As always, we are extremely grateful for the support of all who contribute to this worthwhile effort of service to our neighbors.