Food Pantry Report February 20, 2019

Our Clients

We have had many inquiries on whether or not the recent shut down of the federal government impacted our food pantry.  Given that we do not ask new clients why they are coming we really can’t answer the question.  Our figures show that we signed up 13 new clients and had 2 families return to active status after a year’s absence as compared to 19 new clients during 2018.  On the other hand, we served 269 families in January 2019 as compared to serving 245 families in 2018.

Our shopping habits have not changed much but it appears that Aldi is making changes to their inventory.  We are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase “regular” sized jars of both creamy and crunchy peanut butter. Larger sized jars are often a problem for our client families who do not have a large amount of storage space.

Needs & Requests

Personal care products are not items that we purchase. Another item we continue to need is deodorant.  We rely on the donor stream for maintaining our inventory.


Recently Pastor Reimer shared with us some news about our internet presence.  While we continue to maintain high visibility on the St. John’s web page, there is an independent source that has had some very nice comments about our pantry and the volunteers who are there.

In case you don’t want to cut and paste this into your browser, see the banner in one corner that reads “Most Loved 2019” .

As always we thank you for your prayers and your continued support.

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