Food Pantry November 20, 2019

October was a rare month for all of us at the pantry as it provided five full weeks of operation.  Use of the pantry was up from 300 in 2018 to 326 in 2019.  That included 21 new families registering and 1 additional family returning to active status after an absence of more than one year.  Consider that in 2012 we served 171 families and you can see the phenomenal growth at the pantry.

Once again the Leadership Team decided that the annual Thanksgiving Collection at St. John’s did not need to include the pantry.  All donations will be taken to Grace Lutheran in Mantua.

Preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday actually started in October. Dr. Marc Shragher reached out to the pantry for the names of clients who not only needed help but needed their basket delivered to them.  FEAST (Feed Everybody At Special Times) sent their flyer on when and where to pick up a holiday meal.  The flyer was made available to clients.

Endo Pharmaceutical and Redeemer Lutheran in Jamison both reached out to set up their collection and delivery dates. In fact, Church of the Advent also reached out to set up the date for the delivery of their Christmas basket collection.  The spirit of the late fall/early winter holidays filled the month.

Having unexpectedly lost a major donor this year, we have attempted to reexamine our spending pattern.  That means we have added items to our request list that we may have previously had on our shopping list.  Our request list always includes personal care items such as

  • soaps, bar, laundry, and dish; toothpaste and toothbrushes; shampoos; deodorant.

In the edible category we seek

  • boxed spaghetti, ketchup, cream corn, chunky style soup and small canned soups.

We will gladly accept any “free” turkey receipts that your grocery shopping may have earned but you will not be using.   Please be sure that it indicates which store will redeem it.

We are grateful for the faithful support of this ministry.