Property December 2019

Present:  Pat Beadling, Alan Eickhoff, Dave Kroth, Bob Muller, Pastor Reimer, Ken Woods

The meeting was held at Pat Beadling’s home and was followed by a festive social time.

  • signage in Pre K area installed by Ken and Alan
  • repair/replacement of air conditioner exhaust mount in Pre K classroom by Ken
  • repair of floor tile in the storage area by Ken (more work likely needed as appears that freezer unit is making the floor damp)

Aqua has asked to put a sampling station on the corner at Crescent Rd. in what is technically the right of way.  It is not something that would be used for flushing the system but rather for water testing.  Pat will contact our insurance agent to check on our liability for this item.


  • Music Sunday attendance indicated the need for increased awareness of parking availability at Schneider’s Funeral Home.  Sign that had been posted was damaged beyond repair and removed some time ago.
  • No Trespassing signs needed on parking lot.  There was a discussion of the need to ascertain who owns the cars that are regularly parked there.
    • Snow removal complications were noted.

CIA account has received $8,700 as a gift as the result of the donor’s sale of stock

Security Grant applications for 2020 are not to be submitted prior to 4/1/2020.

Pricing for a new sound system in the sanctuary is moving forward.  Memorial funds will hopefully cover the expense.

Next meeting January 8, 2020