February Report

Property Committee

February 15, 2018

Present:  Pat Beadling, Ralph Carey,  Alan Eickhoff,  Pastor Reimer, Bruce Roper

Issues addressed since last meeting include:

  • repair of office heating by Peters HVAC
  • repair of office toilet by Bob Frisch plumbing
  • removal of damaged wrought iron benches by Alan Eickhoff
  • installation of carbon monoxide detectors by Bob Mueller
  • securing  to wall of pre-k storage units by Ken Woods
  • broken lavatory stall door in women’s room at pre-K office area removed by Alan Eickhoff and being repaired by Lou DiEva
  • damaged electrical outlet for Aid for Friends freezer and pre-K refrigerator replaced by Bob Mueller

New Issues:

  • Office file/storage cabinet repaired following a field trip to the Assistant Pastor’s office
  • Pre-K reported sink in classroom area dripping.   Alan to check to see if there are cut off values; if not Bob Frisch plumbing to be contacted as will have to shut down water in building.
  • Replacement of shut valves in building project- if Bob is coming to work on sink will ask him for estimate; coordinate with Ralph and Alan being present
  • Boiler service- based on inspection report not sure if tech changed levels or we need to do something; Alan to contact Cascade Water Services
  • Office heat pump now being used as heater (previously only used as air conditioner); Pat to check to see of it is under a service contract or if we need to now add it
  • Gutter cleaning of parsonage and church roof not under construction to be done by Chris Gildein; Alan to contact and make request
  • Parsonage roof may need replacing; Pat to contact Tom Manion for estimate
  • Area previously known as “trash room” has been cleaned out yet again (stuff had reached such high levels that ladder racks were covered); signs posted to ask people to take trash directly to dumpster; damaged table in room needs to be sawed in half to fit in dumpster

Security issues

  • Newly formed Building Security Committee will be taking over issue of building cameras, lockable doors outside pre-K office, gate at head of ramp outside Fellowship Hall, new inside door with remote controlled lock at renovated rear entrance
  • Roof Repair progressing slowly due to weather issues.  Currently 2/3 has been tapered, insulated and is hopefully water tight; the one third near the middle is creating issues in large education room; contractor being held accountable for damages; pump temporarily  placed on roof to try to avoid issues
  • Parsonage vanity still needs replacing; Pastor to contact Lou DiEva as he probably installed the current unit.