Council Minutes September 22, 2020

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The September Congregation Council Meeting was held on 9/16/2020

Council Members Present: Pastor Eric Reimer, Denise Betz, Harry Betz, Walter Braithwaite, Carole DePue, Cathy Evans, Lisa Fritz, Phil Hankel, Karen Kearns, David Kroth, Linda Morrison, Bob Muller, Bruce Roper, and Trish Strauss

Absent:  Allison Hudson

The meeting was called to order by President Denise Betz at 7:07 p.m. The scripture was read by Karen Kearns and the prayer was offered by Cathy Evans.




Date: 8/26/20

*The minutes from August were approved without changes. The motion was made and seconded by Cathy Evans / Karen Kearns.  MOTION CARRIED


  • President, Denise Betz –Attached.
    • Denise also brought up the suggestion of having a Help Wanted section appear as an ongoing section of our Newsletter for the organizations/committees/projects that would welcome additional help in various ways.
  • Pastor Reimer – Attached.
    • See additional information under New Business below.
  • Finance Committee – Attached
    • *It was moved and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report and the Financial Secretary’s report as presented. (Finance Committee/Carol DePue )


The Sunday School Director position held by Stephanie Metheny has been eliminated – Christian Education has agreed to put an announcement to the congregation out next week.

Website update – Dave Kroth reported than on-line viewing has been down the past month.


  • Worship Service Updates –
    • How/when to advise congregation, cleaning protocols, and estimated time frame to move indoors.
    • Harry suggested bringing back the Saturday night service in an effort to have up to three services for up to 25 people to enable as many people as possible to attend worship in the sanctuary.  This topic leads to further discussion on how best to begin the “reopening” process of worshiping indoors.  The goal was set to return to indoor services the weekend of Oct 17-18th.  Overflow attendees (more than 25 people) would be directed to Fellowship Hall where the service would be live-streamed.
    • A motion was made to put out a survey to better understand which services people would prefer, and how many people would likely attend and would be willing to come back to worshiping indoors.
    • The motion was made and seconded by Trish Strauss / Harry Betz.
  • A motion was made to delegate to Denise Betz and Pastor Reimer, the process of communicating indoor worship out to the congregation.
    • The motion was made and seconded by Cathy Evans / Walt Braithwaite.
  • An urgent need for Ushers is anticipated once we move back indoors.  Pastor will be meeting with Joe Kircher to discuss.
  • Chris Ed committee meeting update. 
    • See Pastor’s report


  • Constitution and Bylaws – No report
  • Christian Education – No report
  • Fellowship – No report
  • Finance – See Financial Secretary’s report
  • Food Pantry Report – See report
  • Memorials – No report
  • Mutual Ministry – No report
  • Property –  See report
  • Reach Team – No report
  • Social Media – No report
  • Social Ministry – No report
  • Stewardship – No report
  • Women’s Ministry – No report
  • Worship & Music – No report


  • Alison Hudson, who could not attend tonight, asked if we (the congregation) have done anything to recognize Pre-K and Stephanie Metheny.
    • Denise Betz welcomes any and all ideas anyone may have to how we could recognize the staff and Stephanie for their years of dedicated service.
    • Pastor explained we did send the Pre-K staff and Stephanie thank you cards and gift cards.


Pastor Reimer and council members shared their cares and concerns.

NEXT MEETING:  Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

  • Scripture: Lisa Fritz
  • Prayer: Phil Hankel
  • Refreshments: Linda Morrison

*It was moved and seconded by Harry Betz / Bob Muller to adjourn the meeting at 9:09 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Roper