Council Minutes August 2020

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The August Congregation Council Meeting was held on 8/26/2020.

Council Members Present: Pastor Eric Reimer, Denise Betz, Harry Betz, Walter Braithwaite, Carole DePue, Cathy Evans, Lisa Fritz, Phil Hankel, Karen Kearns, David Kroth, Linda Morrison, Bob Muller, and Bruce Roper

Absent: Allison Hudson, Trish Strauss

The meeting was called to order by President Denise Betz at 7:07 p.m. The scripture was read by Harry Betz and the prayer was offered by Dave Kroth




Date: 7/22/20

*The minutes from July were approved without changes. The motion was made and seconded by Harry Betz / Karen Kearns  MOTION CARRIED


  • President, Denise Betz –Attached
  • Pastor Reimer – Attached Report
  • Finance Committee – Attached

*It was moved and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report and the Financial Secretary’s report as presented. (Finance Committee / Linda Morrison)  MOTION CARRIED


  • Roof Project Update – The necessary funds have been secured and the roof project is now beginning.
  • Worship Services Update – Parking Lot Prayer Services continue to go well.  See additional discussion under New Business.
  • Confirmation/Communion Plans – Several families have met in the sanctuary and a video is being put together.
  • Cathy Evans’ Service Project – The Widener University Institutional Review Board has approved Cathy to move forward with her study regarding The Role of Planning for Disaster Readiness.   There will be six groups, up to 48 people total.  The exercises will take about 75 minutes.  She will be looking to the congregation for volunteers to participate.  A brochure will be sent out by the church office via email.  Volunteers will go to a web site link to determine if they are eligible and willing to participate.  The participants will do the exercise at St John’s.
    • Motion was made to allow Cathy to conduct her disaster planning study as presented to Council in St John’s using multiple rooms.
    • The motion was made and seconded by Cathy Evans / Phil Hankel.  MOTION CARRIED


  • Sunday School Director – Stephanie Metheny has turned in her resignation as the Sunday School Director.  It was discussed that the Chris Ed committee meet shortly and seek a volunteer to lead and spearhead projects until such time as a revised job description for Sunday School Director can be determined.
    • Motion was made to accept Stephanie’s resignation.
    • *It was moved and seconded by Executive Committee / Linda Morrison.  MOTION CARRIED
  • Parking Lot Prayer Service was discussed for what to do when the weather turns cold.  Currently the services are limited to 25 people so that we can move indoors if necessary.  Plans are being looked at to broadcast into several large rooms so that we can have more people as several smaller groups throughout the church at one time.
    • Motion was made by Pastor to include communion in the parking lot services using prepackaged cups and wafers beginning Sunday August 30th.
    • *It was moved and seconded by Pastor Reimer / Harry Betz.  MOTION CARRIED
  • Walk To Bethlehem – Similar to what has been done in the past, holding another Walk To Bethlehem was discussed.  This year, Pastor would like to tie this “walk” and its route into related topics such as Music, The Food Pantry, and Reformation.
  • Blessing of pets was discussed to be held outside on Sunday October 4th.  After discussing, it was agreed that a drive-through pet blessing would be more manageable.
    • Motion was made by Pastor to have a drive-through pet blessing on Sunday afternoon, October 4th by bringing the actual pets in cars or a photograph through the parking lot.
    • *It was moved and seconded by Pastor Reimer / Karen Kearns.  MOTION CARRIED
  • Motion was made by Pastor to use the image of Christ from the ELW as the centerpiece (along with photos of loved ones) for a public display in the windows of the narthex for All Saints Day on November 1st to remember those who have passed.
    • *It was moved and seconded by Cathy Evans / Walt Braithwaite.  MOTION CARRIED
  • New Social Media Team Formed – Pastor explained that we have a Social Media team made up by members Cathy Evans, Phil Hankel, Dave Kroth, Pastor Reimer, Katlyn Schmidt, Kristy Schmidt, and Jessica Whiteley
  • Website News – Dave gave us an awareness of how some of our website operates.  Slack is also available for us to use.   Media Group Planning presentation is being worked on and will be submitted to Council sometime in the future reporting on what tools/expenses are needed in the future to maintain and build upon St John’s video presence.
  • St John’s web site will eventually need to be taken down for anywhere from 3 to 48 hours for maintenance/upgrading.  Council will be made aware of any costs and proposed dates prior to any action being taken.
  • Dave would like to put out a survey to find out why people are not watching the videos all the way through.  He would build an anonymous survey to send out.
    • Motion was made to allow Dave Kroth to put his questionnaire together so that council can review prior to putting it out.
    • *It was moved and seconded by Bob Muller / Phil Hankel.  MOTION CARRIED
  • Motion was made to send out statements to the congregation updating them on St John’s finances as of July 31st.
    • *It was moved and seconded by Finance / Carole DePue.  MOTION CARRIED
  • Motion was made to accept the following students to be confirmed in the 2020 Confirmation Class:
    • Corinne Ford
    • Kierstyn Gottschall
    • Natalie John
    • Andrew Killenbeck
    • Katelyn LaPlant
    • Jessica Whisler
    • *It was moved and seconded by Pastor  / Harry Betz.  MOTION CARRIED


  • Constitution and Bylaws – No report
  • Christian Education – No report
  • Fellowship – No report
  • Finance – See Financial Secretary’s report
  • Food Pantry Report – See report
  • Memorials – No report
  • Mutual Ministry – No report
  • Pre-K Board – No report
  • Property – See report
  • Reach Team – No report
  • Social Ministry – No report
  • Stewardship – No report
  • Women’s Ministry – No report
  • Worship & Music – No report


  • Montgomery County Voter Services – We received a letter from Montgomery County Voter Services to confirm St John’s can serve as a voter location so that MontCo Voter Services can proceed with their planning for the election in November.
    • Motion was made to allow St John’s to be used as a voter location on Tuesday Nov 3rd.
    • *It was moved and seconded by Pastor Reimer / Carol DePue.  MOTION CARRIED


Pastor Reimer and council members shared their cares and concerns.

NEXT MEETING:  Date:  Wednesday September 16th

Scripture:  Karen Kearns

Prayer:  Cathy Evans

Refreshments:  Karen Kearns

*It was moved and seconded by Lisa Fritz / Cathy Evans to adjourn the meeting at 9:47 p.m.  MOTION CARRIED

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Roper