Council Meeting Minutes May 2020

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Date: 6/1/2020

The May Congregation Council Meeting was held on 5/20/2020

Council Members Present:

Pastor Eric Reimer, Denise Betz, Harry Betz, Walter Braithwaite, Carole DePue, Cathy Evans, Lisa Fritz, Phil Hankel, Allison Hudson, Karen Kearns, David Kroth, Linda Morrison, Bob Muller, Bruce Roper, and Trish Strauss

Absent: None

The on-line meeting was called to order by President Denise Betz at 7:07 p.m. The scripture was read by Phil Hankel and the prayer was offered by Linda Morrison.




Date: 4/22/2020

*The minutes from April were approved without changes. The motion was made and seconded by Alison Hudson / Phil Hankel.  MOTION CARRIED


President, Denise Betz –Attached

Pastor Reimer – Attached

Finance Committee – Attached.  Harry Betz gave a verbal update.

*It was moved and seconded to accept the Finance report as presented. (Bob Muller / Kathy Evans)  MOTION CARRIED

(Harry Betz abstained from approval because he is involved in its creation)


Inviting Committee Chairs to Council meeting – Council had previously discussed encouraging Committee Chairs to come to Council meeting(s) to speak to Council members to give all a better understanding about what their committees involve.  Because of the current Covid-19 health issues, it was decided it would be best to postpone purposely having additional members attend meetings.  We hope to revisit this idea in the future.

PPP Load Update – Payroll Protection Program.  A Federal Government financial relief program.  Pastor and Rosanne got the information together and Pastor submitted the request which has been approved in the amount of $33,000.  It is a loan for an eight-week period.  Most of the loan is expected to be forgiven at the end of the period.  The money will sit in a money market account until it is needed for the general fund.

Website Activity – Dave Kroth gave an update.  April has been almost tripled in viewing and page engagement.  Home pages and Worship-From-Home have been most popular (700+ views).

There were 300 unique views for Easter Sunday.  May is less but averaging 150 households viewing.  Most come through St John’s web site, but some do come through Facebook.

Facebook is down from April although people are still clicking through.


Roof Project Update – Property is waiting until we have the money in hand before they give the go-ahead to begin the project.  It is expected to take 4-5 days to complete.  Funding is coming from different sources.  Memorial for about $5,000 is available, people have given about $3,000 so far, there is some money in CIA, and we have applied for a $25,000 loan from the ELCA.  Payment of the loan should be approximately $500/month.  Future fundraising projects will hopefully be planned as well.  A letter explaining the roof project with an image of the roofs was mailed this week for distribution to the congregation giving information about the project and asking for donations towards the project.

Joycelynn / Finance update – Ending employment as of 5/31/2020.  Position was paying $12,000 per year.  Kristy Schmidt will take on the check writing and Harry Betz will perform the reporting responsibilities.  Kristy will start out with a $2,000 per year increase for the added responsibilities and Harry Betz will be compensated $6,000 per year for the reporting responsibilities.  We anticipate the end result will be monetary savings while also having dependable reporting.

Future Worship and Re-opening Procedures Taskforce – Pastor spoke to the future reopening of the church for worship and what that would require/look like.  He proposed a task force be formed which would work in conjunction with both the Council and Property committee to develop policies and procedures that may be required to be developed.  Bob Muller, Trish Strauss, and Cathy Evans volunteered to be a part of the task force.

Pre-K Update – A Motion was made to discontinue the Pre-K program effective now while it is not in session and to keep Stephanie Metheny on full-time through July to help us wind down staffing and the Pre-K program.

Denise and Pastor explained that we are uncertain whether we can reopen come September and we do not currently have anyone on the roster for next year at this point due to the uncertainty over the current COVID virus.  Cleaning procedures would need to be more stringent to provide a safe place for staff to work and children to learn, and we do not have the funds to support additional costs for this program.  In addition, we only offer a half-day program that does not seem to meet the current needs of families seeking daycare since attendance numbers have been trending downward.

At the end of July, Stephanie would continue as the Christian Education Director with the position becoming part-time and her salary being reduced by half.

*It was moved and seconded by Executive Committee  / Carol DePew.  MOTION CARRIED with the majority in favor and two abstaining.


  • Constitution and Bylaws – No report
  • Christian Education – No report
  • Fellowship – No report
  • Finance – See Finance Committee’s report
  • Food Pantry Report – See report
  • Memorials – No report
  • Mutual Ministry – No report
  • Pre-K Board – No report
  • Property – See report
  • Reach Team – No report
  • Social Ministry – No report
  • Stewardship – No report
  • Women’s Ministry – No report
  • Worship & Music – No report



Pastor Reimer and council members shared their cares and concerns.

NEXT MEETING:  Date: 6/17/2020

Scripture:  Bruce Roper

Prayer:  Harry Betz

Refreshments:  n/a

*It was moved and seconded by Harry Betz / Pastor Reimer to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m.  MOTION CARRIED

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Roper