Congregation Council Minutes September 20, 2019

The September Congregation Council Meeting was held on 9/18/19.

Council Members Present: Pastor Eric Reimer, Pat Beadling, Joycelynn Canselo, Patty Cawthorne, Cathy Evans, Wil Fritz, Allison Hudson, Karen Kearns, David Kroth, Linda Morrison, Bob Muller, Barbara Quinn, Bruce Roper, Trish Strauss, and Ken Woods

Absent: Denise Betz, Harry Betz, Walter Braithwaite

The meeting was called to order by President Wil Fritz at 7:05 p.m. The scripture was read by Pat Beadling and the prayer was offered by Bruce Roper.


Mason Strauss addressed the council for involvement in a church project to lead/direct for his Eagle Scout merit badge.  It was most welcome and the Property Committee will discuss what project(s) might be best for him to handle.


Date: 8/21/19

*The minutes from August were approved without changes. The motion was made and seconded by Pat Beadling / Alison Hudson.  MOTION CARRIED


President, Wil Fritz –Attached

Pastor Reimer – Attached

Finance Director, Joycelynn Canselo – Attached

Financial Secretary, Patty Cawthorne – Attached

*It was moved and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report and the Financial Secretary’s report as presented.  Ken Woods / Cathy Evans.  MOTION CARRIED


Security – Update was provided by Pastor Reimer.  The Dept of Human Services and Police provide free background checks.  Updated photo ID requirement was discussed for volunteers and staff of St John’s.

Website – Update was provided by Dave Kroth.  Compared to last year, website hits for June had doubled, July was also up, and August had also doubled.  Facebook activity has been down.  Bob Muller gave an update regarding recording.  Sound has been recording very well.  Video may require licensing, and it may also require getting permission from anyone being recorded.

Amazon Smile – Pat Beadling gave a brief update of what we’ve been doing so far.  Amazon Smile did not have us on file yet, but Pat is continuing to pursue getting St John’s signed up for this program.


One Service Update – Update was provided by Pastor Reimer.  Survey has been emailed, it was included in the fall mailer, and there will also be paper copies in the Narthex as well.

It was asked whether a one service would be “Contemporary” vs. “Traditional”.  The general opinion was that our services are a mix of styles and probably do not fit tightly into any one particular style.

A suggestion had been made to change the speakers in October and November from the 4th Sundays to the 2nd Sundays because there are other events happening on the 4th Sundays of those two months.  By changing to the second Sunday of those months it would allow more time for having guest speakers.  Christian Education would have to approve the change due to Sunday School schedule.


  • Constitution and Bylaws – No report
  • Christian Education – See report
  • Fellowship – No report
  • Finance – See Financial Secretary’s report
  • Food Pantry Report – See report
  • Memorials – No report
  • Mutual Ministry – See report
  • Pre-K Board – No report
  • Property –  See report
  • Reach Team – No report
  • Renovation Committee – No report
  • Social Ministry – No report
  • Stewardship – No report
  • Women’s Ministry – See report
  • Worship & Music – See report


Motion was made to continue our contract for piano tuning at a $10 higher cost, now $250.

*It was moved and seconded to Pastor Reimer / Bob Muller.  MOTION CARRIED

Building Use request received from Cat Essig to use the basement on Saturday 11/16/19 from about 12:00-12:30 until about 4:00-4:30 for renewal of wedding vows with 80-85 people.  There were concerns over the volume of people in that area with limited exits and bathrooms, all of which contain steps.  A counteroffer is being made for the same times but on Sunday 11/17/19 using Fellowship Hall rather than the basement.

The Red Cross would like to hold a blood drive on Wednesday 12/11/19.  It is assumed that it is from 3;00-8:00 p.m. as it has been in the past.  We need to find out if they are simply using the facility or do they need help setting up or volunteers to help.

Building Use request received by Montgomery County Voter Services to use St John’s for Election Day Tuesday 11/5/19.  Request was approved

A Thank you letter was received from Jimmy Lee Werley at Bear Creek thanking the congregation for allowing Pastor Reimer to help with Bear Creek Camp in August.


Pastor Reimer and council members shared their cares and concerns.

NEXT MEETING:  Date:  10/16/19

Scripture:  Linda Morrison

Prayer:  David Kroth

Refreshments:  Walt Braithwaite

*It was moved and seconded by Ken Woods / Trish Strauss to adjourn the meeting at 9:07 p.m.  MOTION CARRIED

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Roper