The October Congregation Council Meeting was held on Wednesday 10/21/2020

Council Members Present: Pastor Eric Reimer, Denise Betz, Harry Betz, Walter Braithwaite, Carole DePue, Cathy Evans, Phil Hankel, Karen Kearns, David Kroth, Linda Morrison, Bob Muller, Bruce Roper, and Trish Strauss


Absent:  Lisa Fritz, Allison Hudson


The meeting was called to order by President Denise Betz at 7:08 p.m. The scripture was read by Lisa Fritz and the prayer was offered by Phil Hankel.






Date: 9/16/20

*The minutes from September were approved with one correction.  The motion was made and seconded by Cathy Evans / Karen Kearns.  MOTION CARRIED



President, Denise Betz –Attached

Pastor Reimer – Attached.  While reviewing Pastor’s Report, it was noted that he stated that everyone inside the building must wear masks at all times.  Subsequently, Cathy Evans made a motion that everyone in the building should wear a mask at all times.  After much discussion, the motion was tabled.  See additional detail of the subject under Old Business.

Finance Committee – Attached

*It was moved and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report and the Financial Secretary’s report as presented. (Finance Committee / Bruce Roper )  MOTION CARRIED

One (Finance Committee member) abstained



In-House Worship Service Update – Council discussed how best to set mask wearing requirements while on St. John’s property, both inside and outside.  Some feel wearing a mask is necessary at all times, others felt that based on distance and number of people in area that it is not.  How long droplets last on surfaces, frequency of cleaning, outside contractors or visitors coming into the building, and other topics were brought up.  Because one rule for all scenarios could not be agreed upon, President Betz suggested transparency so that if people want to attend in-house worship they can, but if they are not comfortable they can still worship online.  It was pointed out that we must work within the resources we have (time, money, volunteers).   Michael Brinkworth, Bob Muller, Denise Betz and Pastor Reimer will be meeting to better figure out best practices.

Motion was made to base in-house worship on Montgomery County’s safety rating system.  If Montgomery County changes to yellow status, we will take action to suspend in-house worship and non-essential services in the building.

*It was moved and seconded by Denise Betz / Trish Strauss.  MOTION CARRIED with two opposed.


Roof Update – ProCom & Peters – Denise gave a brief summary pointing out that ProCom did not charge additional fees for the additional work that was found and performed.  St John’s was able to pay the cost in full with money that was raised for the project without touching benevolence funds.

Additionally, Peters contractors have lowered their HVAC bills for St John’s.



Benevolence donations – Meals on Wheels – $2000 is in budget for this year, and they have already received $1000 this year.  Grace Lutheran Church – $2000 is in budget for this year, and they have already received $535 this year.

Motion was made to send Bucks/Montgomery Meals On Wheels a second donation of $1000 and Grace Lutheran a second donation for $1,465.

*It was moved and seconded by Denise Betz / Linda Morrison.  MOTION CARRIED.


Thank You gifts –It was suggested that Kristy Schmitt and Jess Whitelybe recognized for their extra efforts above and beyond their job descriptions with gift cards as a thank you gesture.  And also that Pat Beadling be recognized with a gift card for chairing the Property Committee so successfully.

Motion was made that we get $100 gift cards each for Kristy Schmidt, Jess Whiteley and Pat Beadling.

*It was moved and seconded by Bob Muller / Harry Betz, MOTION CARRIED.


Update of Use of Building for Voting November 3rd – Montgomery County will be using St John’s as a voting site on Tuesday November 3rd.



  • Constitution and Bylaws – No report
  • Christian Education – Verbal report given by Pastor Reimer Sunday School, letter will be going out to parents.  It will start off as once/month, and hopefully move up to twice a month.  Walk to Bethlehem, web site is being built now and information will be going out once it is ready.  Confirmation class will meet once a month (when is to be determined).  Pastor is determining what is needed for them to know for them to be confirmed, and they will be required to participate in worship in some way was well.
  • Fellowship – No report
  • Finance – See Financial Secretary’s report
  • Food Pantry Report – See report
  • Memorials – No report
  • Mutual Ministry – No report
  • Pre-K Board – No report
  • Property – See report
  • Reach Team – No report
  • Social Ministry – No report
  • Stewardship – No report
  • Women’s Ministry – No report
  • Worship & Music – No report



Application to use facility by the Red Cross for blood drive Friday Nov 27th  in fellowship hall beginning at 3:00 expecting a group size of 40 people spread out throughout the day.

Motion was made to approve they use of Fellowship Hall for the Red Cross.

*It was moved and seconded by Carole DePue / Harry Betz.  MOTION CARRIED.


A representative from Alateen has asked when their group can meet again in St John’s.  The group would never exceed 25 people for any single meeting.  The majority of Council agreed that we cannot safely open up our building to outside meeting groups at this point and still be able to safely manage cleaning standards.  A compromise of offering the parking lot for outdoor use for their meetings beginning October 30th was agreed to.


Pastor requested use of Fellowship Hall on Dec 25th for a family meal.  They will clean up to our standards afterwards.   Council agreed.



Pastor Reimer and council members shared their cares and concerns.


NEXT MEETING:  Date:  Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Scripture:  Linda Morrison

Prayer:  Carole DePue

Refreshments:  Dave Kroth


*It was moved and seconded by harry / Trish to adjourn the meeting at 9:08 p.m.  MOTION CARRIED


Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Roper