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Executive Committee

Harry Betz
Denise Betz
Bob Muller
Bruce Roper
Pastor Bo


Finance Committee

The purpose of the finance committee is to provide the accounting function and financial reporting for St. John’s. We pay the bills, record income, prepare the financial reports, prepare the budget and oversee the church’s investment accounts. Within those functions we oversee the counting teams and posters and provide member contribution statements. St. John’s financial statements are audited every 3 years and reviewed on subsequent years by an independent CPA firm.

Food Pantry

As of now, we are making efforts to maintain our regular hours.

Announcing new additions to our offerings. We now have an array of gluten free as well as sugar-free items for those families that may have special dietary needs. Ask at the registration desk when you sign in at the pantry.

See the Food Pantry pages here for more information.

Call Alan Eickhoff 1-215-675-1298 if you are interested in joining this committee.

Christian Education

The purpose of the this committee is being updated. Coming soon.

Prayer Card Ministry

Sincere thanks go to each of you who were kind enough to take time each week to sign the many cards spread out on the Prayer Card table in the narthex. During times of mourning or illness, healing, or celebrations, there is no better gift than the prayers of others and a reminder that your are not alone or forgotten. If you have been the recipient of a prayer card from St. John’s we hope you felt the numerous prayer that came along with it.

Hospitality Committee

Since its founding, the Mission of the Hospitality Committee has been to provide family and friends who are mourning the loss of a loved one the opportunity to gather together after the funeral service for fellowship and refreshments. Committee volunteers host the meal by providing set up and clean up, making beverages and home baked desserts, and serving the family and guests with compassion.

Property Committee

The Property Committee’s primary purpose is to insure that the building and grounds of the church are available to support the mission of the congregation. In short, to insure that the lights stay on, the heating and/or air conditioning systems function as intended, that the rest rooms function and that the building complex is clean and sanitary in order to support ongoing use of the facilities for the ministry of the congregation.

The Committee meets on the second Wednesday evening of each month, at 7:00PM in the Library.

The Annual Operating Budget of the Property Committee is approximately $100,000, comprising between 20 and 25% of the General Fund Budget of the congregation. This budget includes non-discretionary items such as utilities, insurance, janitorial service, lawncare, snow removal, trash removal, extermination services, fire alarm system maintenance, parsonage maintenance and heater/air conditioning maintenance.

The church complex is currently cleaned by an outside cleaning service. They clean and remove trash from rooms in the complex on a Monday through Friday schedule. Routine maintenance items are done either on a volunteer basis by members of the committee, or through outside contractors, depending upon the level of skill and/or equipment necessary. Since the newest portion of the facility is close to 40 years old, there is a continuing need for maintenance.

Property Report April 2022

Women’s Ministry

There are many faces of Women’s Ministry and they all are emerging in a positive way. The Committee meets in August to plan for the year ahead filled with activities for Women’s Ministry.

This group was created nine years ago to connect the women of the congregation with fellowship, entertainment, information and food. The group meets the 4th Tuesday of the month for fabulous programs like:

  • guest speakers from the news and entertainment industry,
  • experts in history, religion, medicine and beauty,
  • music groups along with special programs with a holiday focus.

All women who attend bring a sandwich. Drinks, soup and dessert are provided. All women are welcome!

This group will chose a book to read; usually a new and exciting choice. The club then schedules a meeting to process and discuss the book. Meetings are held in the church library and are announced in advance.

Trips are sponsored for the women and organized by a professional trip planner who is a member of the St. John’s congregation.

Worship & Music

The information on this group is being updated. See the new information this Fall.