Report April 18, 2018

The wild weather of March has certainly impacted the Food Pantry.  Local farmers have been impacted by the bad weather and so was the schedule for starting the delivery of fresh produced to our clients.  In fact there has yet to be an announcement of when the program will begin.

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We still have some openings available for Tuesday drivers.

If you would like to break the monotony of your week and make a positive impact on our community, please call Alan Eickhoff 215-675-1298.  Produce pick up drivers arrive in Bensalem around 11AM and unload the refrigerated trucks.  Produce is then taken back to their respective food pantries.  Usually our drivers arrive at St. John’s around 1PM.  Our clients really need your help so please consider volunteering for this worthwhile effort.

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Alan Eickhoff 215-675-1298

The wild March snows meant that the pantry was actually closed for 4 days during the month.  That meant that our attendance figures are the lowest of the year so far.  However, we did sign up 10 new clients plus had 6 clients reactivate their status after an absence of at least a year.

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Our Resource Advisor has a steady number of clients on the first and second Thursdays of the month.  Her job is to connect clients to the appropriate agencies for help with issues relating to housing, employment, medical, etc.

As always, we are very grateful to the cadre of volunteers who make sure that the community is served.  Additionally, we are grateful to the community members who make sure we have an adequate stream of donations to offer to our clients.