2019 Activity Report by Food Pantry Resource Advisor

Since business, so to speak, was really booming this year, I have decided to summarize the assistance I was privileged to provide those who visited the food pantry or were referred to me by the church office.

In 2019, I had around 70 meetings with clients — several with repeaters, of course; some by phone only, if unable to make it to the pantry for a face-to-face appointment.  In addition to referring clients to various community resources and programs, I was able to help several of them obtain direct financial assistance from local charitable organizations (mostly churches) in order to prevent imminent or potential evictions and utility shut-offs, address transportation problems, and so on.

Those efforts are listed below:

  • Over $800 in rental assistance for a disabled senior citizen on the verge of being evicted;
  • About $850 toward rent, water bill and auto insurance for a mother of two going through a very acrimonious divorce;
  • About $800 toward rent, PECO and auto insurance for a disabled, single mother of three;
  • With joint effort on the part of the client and me, over $4000 to help a homeless family move into a new apartment;
  • Over $1700 in Giant gift cards and cash assistance for rent, PECO and truck repairs to help a woman in her 60’s get back on her feet after 18 months of unemployment following the death of her only son;
  • $500 toward a PECO bill for another woman in her 60’s, who is the primary breadwinner for a family of six;
  • Over $2000 for a single mother and her three-year-old son on the verge of being evicted;
  • $600 in rental assistance for a female felon (recently released from prison and awaiting resumption of her disability benefits) and her husband;
  • $400 toward rent for a single employed mother of three;
  • Close to $700 toward rent and water bill, plus $100 in Giant gift cards, for a single employed mother and her teenaged daughter;
  • $530 toward rent and PECO for a family of four, where the mother is the primary breadwinner, and her husband has contributed nothing since entering drug rehab in July;  and
  • Fourteen nights at a motel for a homeless couple in their 70’s plagued with health problems, fairly uneducated re available benefits, and having difficulty finding stable housing.

Jan Lattuca, MSW

Volunteer Resource Specialist